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Dragon Quest Checkpoint Guidance

2023 Revision

Safety is the first priority, please read the risk assessment that a member of the Dragon Quest Team will send to you before the event.

Please ensure your phone / watch is displaying the correct time. Times in and out need to be recorded on each team's time card and the checkpoint's record.

Points awarded for time on the previous leg are to be calculated at the checkpoint, then included in the score awarded at that checkpoint.

Challenges should last no more than 5 minutes, including any feedback on how they could do even better. You can help teams that are struggling, but allow for this in their score.

See the table in the Rules page for point allocations.

This year, scores will be submitted using a web form. A member of the Dragon Quest Team will send this to you as well.

Be generous with points but do try and award a range of points where you can separate the different teams' performance. The 20 points for explaining the next leg provides an opportunity to assess their navigation skills. Ask a few questions about the route if you can. Do point out any errors in their route description and adjust the points awarded to reflect this.

Please try and keep a minimum of a 5 minute gap between teams, but you may let faster teams go first if they arrive close together. Also, don't let the front teams get too far ahead of other teams. Hold them back if necessary, as we need to have compact event.

Please ensure your phone is charged in case we need to contact you, and you will also need it to access the score form. Please collect your instructions and any equipment from the start point in good time to get to your checkpoint. Leaders on early checkpoints may have a second allocated later in the event.

A printable version is available here.